Watch Out for These Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

digital trends

If you own a business, then you cannot ignore the benefits of well-executed, effective, digital marketing. Digital marketing campaigns that are well-executed can, not only increase awareness of a brand, service, or product, but demand for service or product.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the living, breathing organism that is the internet and the communities within. The internet is essentially a virtual continent called cyberspace, home to 4 billion people. And the various spaces and communities in cyberspace are like countries and cities where these 4 billion people read the news, research, play video games, and shop. These virtual environments are where you need to be in order to reach people.

How you reach your audience online depends on a few things: deciding who your audience is, what they need, and where they spend most of their time online. Here, we’ll talk about the digital marketing trends that top marketers know and what businesses should be using in their marketing strategies.

1. Great Content is Still King
Content is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Now, there is an emphasis on who the intended recipients of content messaging are. Content marketing isn’t just about good quality content; it’s about good quality content that is the result of having a meaningful understanding of the targeted audience in order to create a message that is more effective and more likely to be received.

2. Speaking of Great Content…Video is a “Must Have”
YouTube is the most popular means of watching videos, with nearly 80% of Americans using the digital service. Facebook videos are also a great way to reach your audience. Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day. The difference with Facebook videos is that most users (85%) watch Facebook video without sound. Use captions, big, bold words, with text overlay to drive home your video message.

3. Young Adults Favor Instagram over Facebook
Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, being the favorite of young adults. Instagram is all about the visuals—photos and videos aimed at lifestyles. It’s a favorite platform of lifestyle influencers because it’s easy to upload photos and videos from your phone onto IG. Most of its users are under 30.

4. Facebook is Still #1
Even though Facebook usage seems to be slowing, a Pew Research study found that 68% of Americans use Facebook, with 74% of that group visiting Facebook daily. While 41% of users are over 65 years old, 51% of teens use Facebook.

5. Live-Streaming is a Game Changer
Video live streaming is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms. There are companies like Twitch that allow video gamers and content creators to live-stream their content to viewers. Facebook also allows for live streaming with a relatively new feature called Facebook Live. Facebook live, like Twitch, is great for engaging your followers. Also, Facebook users spend 3x as much time watching a Live video than an uploaded video.

6. Chatbot Use is Growing and Will Continue to Grow
Chatbots are virtually everywhere, acting as a virtual assistant for various websites and platforms. Chatbots are a way for users to interact with businesses or organizations through a text chat window. They are automated but interact in a natural way to offer assistance to users. Businesses can automate basic customer support functions. Businesses and organizations are using chatbots on Facebook for customer service support as well as delivering notifications.

7. Voice Search and Voice-Activated Interaction is On the Rise
If you have a smartphone, chances are you have already used voice search through Siri, Google, or maybe even Samsung’s Bixby. Even at home with Alexa and Google Home, voice activated commands are becoming the new normal. From asking “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?” Or commanding “Okay, Google, find the nearest Thai restaurant,” people prefer interacting through voice. And having your own voice activated virtual assistant can help simplify a lot of tasks.
This is especially important for local businesses when writing their meta-data descriptions. They need to make sure that their meta data descriptions are written with speech in mind.

8. Email Marketing is Evolving with Personalization
Generic email marketing messages are a thing of the past, thank goodness. Not only were they not as effective as many marketers thought they could be, but most of the time, they’d end up in the spam folder, then the digital trash can. Now, email marketing can be automated based on a user browsing a particular product or service.
The key to implementing these marketing trends is understanding your target audience and where they spend their time in the virtual world and how best to use those platforms.

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