Every Small Business Needs These 3 Tech Essentials

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Today’s economy allows for an easier process starting a business and growing a startup. Of course nothing is completely easy, and entrepreneurs will certainly have to put in the work to reap the rewards. These tech tools will help small businesses be successful.

There have been technological advancements for every aspect of human civilization. No area is this truer than for businesses, both large and small. Right now is the best time to start a business, regardless of industry.

A Professional Website That’s Responsive

The way our economy is set up, it’s near impossible for any business to thrive without an online presence. Your business needs to be discoverable in local searches. Not having a website means you miss out on a lot of potential business. Most mobile searches are for local businesses “near me” and “nearest” business.

Even if your business is a brick and mortar business, having an online presence allows customers and potential customers to easily locate your business and products or services. A website is basically a virtual representation of your business—your brand’s home online. Make sure your business is accessible with a professional website.

More people access the web from their mobile devices. This means businesses are able to connect with customers and users anytime, anywhere. What does this mean for your business? It means you need to make sure your business website is responsive, i.e., displays properly across all devices: PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Also, Google loves mobile friendly websites, so much so that their SERP favor mobile sites and, therefore, mobile friendly sites. Incidentally, brands who have a website that isn’t responsive can develop a bad reputation. Here are the key reasons your website needs to be responsive:

  • Responsive websites load faster.
  • They convert more visitors to customers.
  • Social media and blogs go hand in hand with mobile use.
  • Giving your visitors a great user experience is always a plus.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is fast becoming a necessity for small business operations regardless of industry. Cloud computing offers products that provide storage, software, and infrastructure that can lower costs on IT and other expenses.
Some benefits of cloud services include:

  • Software Solutions That Are Easily Accessible
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Automation
  • Remote-work Friendly with Better Team Collaboration
  • Automatic Updates with Better Security
  • Easy Backup and Recovery

Almost everything is in the cloud or uses some type of cloud service, and for good reason. Cloud services are either free or relatively inexpensive. Also, the digital security of cloud services means your data is more heavily fortified than home and small business computer networks. Security is underestimated by a lot of small businesses, making them prime targets for cybercrimes.

Customer Relationship Marketing or CRM

CRM systems are designed to improve your business processes that involve existing and potential customers. Unfortunately, too many small business owners do not understand the value that using a CRM can offer their business overall. They either don’t know it exists or think that it’s for larger businesses.

Customer relationship marketing offers a plethora of benefits that small businesses should take advantage of as soon as possible. These benefits include:

  • Organizing Information
  • Making Scheduling and Tracking More Efficient
  • System Automation
  • Faster and Easier Communication
  • Better Analysis of Customer Data
  • Improved Marketing Strategy
  • More Efficient Team Collaboration
  • Better Customer Service
  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Ability to Integrate with Other Software

Understandably, those who think of themselves as not technically inclined may be intimidated by the prospect of using a customer relationship marketing system for their business. Nowadays, there are a variety of CRM systems for different types of businesses. And they are all fairly easy to use. Even still, there’s always training available for CRMs. After all, they were created to make life easier, not more difficult.

It’s a great time to start a business because there are so many tech tools to help entrepreneurs start, compete, and grow. The trick is to find which tools work best for your business goals. Having a professional, responsive website, using cloud services, and using a customer relationship marketing system are merely the basic tech tools that can be used in just about any industry.

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